Japan has been one of my favorite countries around the world, and after having spent an entire month in Japan, I’m eager to go back. I have a lot of great Japanese family members living in Japan, which I consider my family. When I came to Japan, I felt like I was returning home. While in Japan, I had the opportunity to live with my family for one whole month on my own (I was very spoiled). I also arrived just right in time for the cherry bloom season!

What time is it that cherry blossoms are in bloom in Japan?

The cherry blossom season usually begins in the latter part of March and may last until the middle of May. In many areas of Japan, the season concludes in April. The actual bloom of the flowers on each tree typically lasts about two weeks. Before you go on your journey, be sure to study the dates for the time of bloom for that specific year so you don’t miss the bloom! 

Experience Japan during cherry blossom season is an enchanting spectacle and should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Delicate pink blossoms add beauty and serenity to its captivating landscapes; there is no better time to explore this fascinating country! Japan tours from Canada provide seamless ways to witness this spectacle for Canadian visitors; they feature expert guides and well-planned itineraries to ensure you visit prime viewing spots.viewing spots.

Where can you see some of the accurate flowering cherry trees?

There’s no problem experiencing the blossoms of the cherry when you travel when it’s the appropriate moment! Sakura is found in more than 1,000 places across Japan. Yoshino, Kansai, is one of the most renowned spots to see cherry trees since more than 30000 sakura are found in all of the Kii Mountains and the town! Some other excellent spots to observe them include Himeji Castle, Hirosaki Castle, Tokyo, and Kyoto. I loved being able to see them in Kyoto’s city of Kyoto against the backdrop of history from the past in the town.

Japanese temples and views of the castle are stunning, with cherry blossoms visible in the foreground.

It’s stunningly beautiful and fairytale beautiful, in the same breath. If this is your only reason to go to the city during cherry blossom time, then it’s likely sufficient. The cherry blossom season is extremely amazing when you go to castles and temples, with stunning blooms of cherry blossoms everywhere. You’ll see cities and the surrounding countryside covered with flowers, as shown in the images below. SWOON! Like I said earlier, make sure you go to Hirosaki Castle and Himeji Castle!

All things are Sakura tasted!

Sakura can be described as the Japanese word used to describe cherry blossoms. When I say that everything is sakura-flavored, I’m referring to everything! There are even KitKat sakura flavors, including chapstick, face masks, and even cookies. 

If you can think of it, you can be sure it’s sakura-flavored. Make sure to try the sakura-flavored mochi! The photo below shows my matcha tea ice cream, however, you excellent believe that they come with cherry blossom flavor also. Everything for the Sakura season!

It’s becoming better

The cherry blossom season usually begins at the start of spring, when Japan is cool and crisp, and the other plants and flowers are blooming. It usually falls between the latter part of March and into April, which is an excellent time to go. There are days when it’s cold, but there are amazing days when you can simply wear a jacket.