I could close my eyes and imagine myself in awe of the fascinatingly bustling Shibuya Bridge in Tokyo. Gazing at the bright lights, the fancy high-rises and business people dressed in dark suits. I was visiting Japan for the very first time, and this was my first time in Tokyo. In equal measure, I felt elated, nervous and curious, reminiscing the myriad of Japanese travel advice I had read about online. I’d been dreaming about Japan for years, but since I was there, I could not benefit to wonder what it would be like to spend an entire month in Japan would be like.

What will be when is the desirable time to visit Japan?

Most people schedule their travel around the highly anticipated blooming of the cherry blossoms in Japan. It’s an amazing time of year; however, it’s also the time when Japan is most crowded and costly.

I landed in Japan in the middle of March 2018 and stayed for exactly one month. Even though Honshu is the main island that is home to Tokyo and Kyoto, and it was quite cold, I enjoyed the calm autumnal season. It was also a good time to see the Ume plum blossom, which is similar to the cherry blossom but more reflective. I then headed to the south of Kyushu Island, which was more pleasant and had many unusual spots to discover.

First-time visitors to Japan will discover an array of captivating experiences and cultural nuances worth discovering, making Japan tours from Canada an excellent way to ensure a smooth and enriching journey. 

These tours are expertly tailored to provide an informative introduction to Japan’s various attractions, spanning the bustling streets of Tokyo to Kyoto’s historic temples. Prior to travelling abroad, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with local customs, such as bowing, as a sign of respect or the importance of punctuality. 

Time for the Cherry blossoms in Japan

My goal was to leave when the cherry blossoms began in Japan. But, as fate (and changes in the climate) will have it the cherry blossoms came out earlier than usual!

One of my top Japan travel advice—even if you’re going to Japan for the first time—is not to be enticed by experiencing the cherry blossoms. Nature isn’t able to time itself compatible with the dates we set. Also, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are extremely crowded during that period. There’s so much more to Japan, I would strongly recommend visiting in the late winter, early autumn, or summer.

The most affordable time to travel to Japan or the low season in Japan

I saw the cost of accommodation in Tokyo rising and the availability decreasing dramatically between the start (winter) and the end (spring) during my travels. It is expensive to stay during the spring months in Japan in spring, and I was forced to lower my stay from a charming Ryokan (traditional hotel) to a hostel called a pod in order to survive the last couple of days of my travels. Summer and autumn are popular, too. It means winter is the low season.

If you’re a fan of winter, you’ll be amazed as cities transform into winter wonderlands from November through February. With warm indoors, comfortable clothing, no tourists, and reasonable prices, It’s a real joy.

It is the best time to visit Japan in terms of weather

Early spring and late autumn are gorgeous and extremely warm throughout the country. They’re not the busiest times, particularly away from major cities.